Custom Word/Jinja Templates
If you are new to using Custom Templates, start with the below Overview and progress through each section to obtain an understanding of the use of templates.
Once you are familiar with templating, you can use the Glossary of Field References as a quick reference.
Looking for a copy-and-paste template, table or other feature to add to your template? Check out the Export Template Library subsection.


PlexTrac allows users to output their data into a customized format that matches their organizations branding, color schemes, and overall look + feel.
PlexTrac makes it easy to programmatically customize Word export templates by utilizing Jinja2 syntax. In essence, PlexTrac uses variable replacement to populate Word exports with report and findings data.
PlexTrac's custom word templates are highly flexible and allow any data from the Executive Summary or Findings to be included in the Word export, including custom fields.
A good place to start is the Jinja Basics and Foundations which discusses syntax, variable, and logic statements in detail for our platform.
You are more than welcome to build your own templates but don't hesitate to reach out to the PlexTrac Customer Success team with any questions. We would love to collaborate!
Current PlexTrac customers can reach out to [email protected] for help with custom templates!

Step 1: Create a Custom Word Template


Step 2: Navigate to the "Account Admin" section by clicking on your profile in the top right

Step 3: Click the Templates button then click on "Export Templates"

Step 4: Drag and drop or click the upload dialog to select your export template to upload

Step 5: Once your upload is complete, to apply the export template to a report navigate to the "Report Template" tab and click "Edit" on the report you would like to apply it to

Step 6: Select your uploaded template from the "Default Export Template" dropdown and click "Save"

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